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Als circulair initiatief staat BINK lampen sinds vandaag vermeld als showcase op de site van Holland Circular Hotspot met de volgende tekst:

Refurbished lighting are lights for life

BINK is an importer, dealer, restorer, and producer of industrial lighting focused on lighting solutions for retail, catering, offices, hotels, industrial halls, and residential projects. They lead the way towards a zero-waste economy for vintage lighting and take their clients without concessions to the outcome of their projects.

At BINK, a vintage light is a light for life. So as well as offering a lifetime guarantee that includes repairs on their vintage lights, their Trade-In-Plan also allows you to trade in your BINK lights in exchange for 50% credit towards a future purchase.


“Our goal is to keep our vintage lamps in use forever and help our planet together with you”Gijs Buis – Founder BINK Lampen


BINK committed to illuminating Circular Design

BINK began in 2014, rejuvenating timeless designs from the early 20th century for future generations. To make it economically viable and to be able to respond to the growing demand, BINK entered into dealerships and importers of designs that originated from that era and are still in production. In addition, they initiated this project to make the circular economy possible and avoid overconsumption while providing their customers with the best service available. As a result, the various lighting units that they repaired, refurbished, and recertified by its experts are repositioned on the market. This is their commitment to sustainability, effectively keeping the lights out of landfills and in perpetual use.

Furthermore, after binding forces in 2018 with the city of Leiden, BINK can safely secure all street lighting that tended to be destroyed for the sake of re- and upcycling.

BINK is not only constantly looking for partners to expand and diversify in this particular field due to growing requests, but it is also currently planning on transitioning to lock in a location in 2022 for a one-stop store for storage, repair, and exhibition in close adjacency to Randstad (the four largest Dutch cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht) and deliver low-power electronics education tutoring programs at BINK’s lighting circle point.


Door Gijs Buis

BINK lampen is specialist in lichtoplossingen voor onder andere retail, horeca, kantoren, hotels, bedrijfshallen en residentiële projecten.