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BINK lampen / Your Design destination

It starts with an idea

Are you interested in having numbers, letters or a logo made?
Our BINK team sees it as a challenge to let your idea come to fruition and to give your visual expression optimal effect.
Here you can read what we can do for you and how.

Converting your wishes into reality

Your wish is our starting point and if we want to offer service, we must exceed that!
In the first instance, BINK translates your wish into a concrete visual expression that fits in with it.
We do this by drawing up a wish list together based on the following topics:

- Function of the design -
- Font / font, choose from 180 different fonts;
- Material and type of lighting;
- Desired RAL color (s);
- Which profile * fits your idea & its function;
- Placement / finishing / Suspension & output cord;
- Programming requirements: DALI or DMX control;
- Time planning.

Lucky cutout website shot bink lampen oplevering letterlampen

These are our bestsellers / profiles *:

  • Channel letters : aluminum 3D figures and letters with closed plastic front. The light comes from within and only through the front plate;
  • Box letters : aluminum 3D numbers and letters with a recessed front where the lamps are visible (see photo above);
  • Iron letter lamps : 3D lamps made of steel with toggle switch and brass finish;
  • Vacuum forming : plastic 3D numbers, letters & objects. Great for large-scale production, blow-ups and POS material;
  • LED NEON : Safe, versatile & economical. Handwriting is no problem;
  • Neonletters : Authentic & in a class of its own . Beautiful appearance! With optional RGB + remote control.

Gijs Buis: Did you know that we can also produce in all RAL colors and fonts: milled letters , foam letters and concrete letters ?

From quotation to delivery

After discussing the above points, we will formulate a quotation and drawings for approval in consultation with the workshop.
You can supply drawings yourself or have them made by our graphic designer.
We prefer to receive your files in PDF or EPS format .
For larger files you can use Wetransfer .

A quality product, a fair price and good service

Now our production process really starts. In our three workshops we continuously work with 7 people on our assignments within signing.
We keep you informed during the production process by sending photos at different stages, if desired via Whatsapp.
Would you like to install yourself? We supply the letters & the frame and a mold with which you or your technician can carry out the installation yourself.

Delivery & service
Throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany we deliver turn-key projects with our team of specialists. We start from your wishes and translate these into technical solutions until the ideal balance has been found. When the installation and test work has been completed, we program the system provided it uses a DALI or DMX control (optional) and hand over the completed project to you.

With BINK's maintenance plan, you can prevent overdue maintenance on your lighting. Moreover, you always know where you stand financially with your lighting. Our customers share their entire lighting plan under our subscription, so that we can quickly generate savings and adjust your lighting more intelligently.

Do you have any questions or would you like to get started right away?
06-13633971 / [email protected]

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By Gijs Buis

BINK lighting is a specialist in lighting solutions for retail, catering, offices, hotels, industrial areas and residential projects.

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