X box letter deluxe

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sizes: 100 x 94 x 20
Also available in mini version


Letterlamp X

The X marks the end of a game or an era.
This handmade Marquee letter lamp has a warm red color.

The soft neon light can be adapted to the wishes of the customer and used indoors and outdoors.

This LED light is perfect for placing on the floor or against a wall.

With a height of 1 m, this Marquee letter X can be adapted to the wishes of the customer and is also available in a mini version.

These exclusive floor, table and wall fixtures are a unique lighting concept. Ideal for hotels and clubs, but also suitable in the modern loft.
Made of Aluminum and acrylic in the highest quality

Producer: Delightfull, Portugal

You can request the digital brochure via [email protected]

Levertijd: 9 weken vanwege het handwerk en productie per stuk in Portugal.


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