Adjustable tripod with Lita theater lamps

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Scissor stand with two Lita Theater spotlights

Van een jaren?60 Narita schaar statief vervaardigde staande lamp met twee Lita  theaterspots.
Fraaie gietijzeren voet met bijbehorende verstel elementen waarbij er één is voorzien van bakelieten schakelaar welke is aangepast naar draai-dimmer.

In mint condition


Mooie stoere combinatie voor bijvoorbeeld de woonkeuken, kamer of kantoor. Door de verstelbaarheid van de lampen is dit object ook perfect geschikt om zaken uit te lichten of bij te lichten.

Sizes and technique

Height: 200 cm
Arm: 80 cm
Lamp to lamp: 80 cm

Choices were made when creating this design. Feel free to let us know which adjustments you would like

Two powerful LED modules have been placed in the lamp units for beautifully dimmable warm light.
The mechanical adjustability of these theater spotlights has also been maintained, so that the light beam through the fresnel glass can be nicely controlled.
In the upright is a counterweight mechanism which relieves the height adjustment of the cross arm.
One Bakelite switch on the cast iron base has been adapted to function as an LED rotary dimmer.


Hammered red
Cast iron parts
Green lacquer with patina (original)
Lita lamps

Wired with nicely matching red / white cotton wrapped new cable.


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