Floor light

 3.200,00 incl. VAT


Standing Cambo tripod spots

Cambo photo studio : Dutch brand in professional camera and studio accessories.

Floor lamp made of a very heavy Cambo tripod. Equipped with three equally heavy cast iron explosion-proof factory spot lamps.

In mint condition


Feel free to put it in a blind spot in a room and see what attention it gets. This cameleon can not only give light in all directions, but also in all colors of the rainbow.

sizes & technique

Total height adjustable between 100 to 260 cm.

Choices were made when creating this design. Feel free to let us know which adjustments you would like

The lamps can be directed independently of each other from top to bottom.
Furthermore, they are equipped with radio-controlled LED lamps that can be operated in all colors and warm to cold white, including the light intensity.
The tripod has three sliding height-determining parts so that it can be placed in variable shapes and heights.


Matte black powder coating (original)
Black hammer blow
the hand crafted upper part and the three lamp units.


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