Saunier Duval Station light - 1943 -


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 Superb station light

Date: 1943
Salvaged: Flavingy sur Ozerain, France (known village of the movie “chocolate“)

Super nice lamp from 1943, made by Saunier Duval as shown on the aluminum plate of the cast iron shade. This rare lamp with copper details is complete with mirror prism and spherical glass with a diffuse center.


Diameter: 25cm;
Reflector height: 28 cm;
Total height: 36 cm;
Foot length: 20.5 cm;
Fitting: E27;
Weight: 4.5 kg.

By loosening the copper knob on the foot, the slide can open to get good access to the wiring.

BINK lamps supplies this bully with:
New porcelain E27 fitting, suitable for incandescent, energy-saving and LED lamp.

About Saunier Duval & Cie
Founded in 1907 by Charles Saunier & Maurice Duval.
Until 1930, the core business was producing gas street lamps in France. From 1922 the heating and hot water products branch was established, which turned out to be the future of this company.
This later large company, producer of heating boilers, was taken over in 1990 by the British group Hepworth, which in turn was taken over in 2001 by the German company Vaillant. They were sponsors of an Italian cycling team for a long time (until 2008).

Additional information

Weight5,5 kg
Dimensions27 × 27 × 20 cm


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