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Specificatie Regensburg wandlamp (305 downloads )


Vanaf 340 euro



The rounding, the cylindrical and conical part of this wall light makes the Regensburg a typical representative of the early 20th century.
This wall lamp is made by hand from powder-coated iron with porcelain elements.

Multiple versions possible, see Specificatie Regensburg wandlamp (305 downloads )
E27 lampholder
IP: 20, approved for outdoor use;
Delivery time: approximately 4-6 weeks.

About the manufacturer:

Since 1911, Bolichwerke has been committed to lamps in the areas of quality, individuality and style. You will undoubtedly recognize these lamps as Bolich was at the origin of the famous Bauhaus period . Known for its archetypal ceiling and outdoor lighting, Bolich lighting has long been very popular in the film industry and in our view not only suitable for historic facilities. The lamps are still traditionally manufactured by highly qualified personnel for an unprecedented end result.

BINK is official dealer of Bolichwerke Ebolicht in the Netherlands.


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