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Operating lamp placed on a photo studio tripod.

In mint condition


Deze iconische lamp kan fraai gecombineerd worden met de flex werkplekken of presentatietafels uit deze Re-design afdeling. het is een statement piece voor industrieel design maar kan ook gemakkelijk dienen als icoon binnen de medische wetenschap of steelt hij de show in lobby’s van bijvoorbeeld pharmaceuten of apothekers. Je moet het voor je zien.

When placed in public spaces such as catering establishments or a child-rich environment, the tripod is fixed to the floor or a wall as a service.

Sizes & technique

Diameter of the lamp unit: 100 cm.
Total height column: 210 cm.
Total height lamp in highest position on the tripod of 210 cm. word: 340 cm.
Alternative tripods are available.

Choices were made when creating this design. Feel free to let us know which adjustments you would like

This unit was purchased without lamps, the rare spotlights (par46) lamps were found in unused condition. They were like old stock in the U.S.A. The twelve glass units are drilled open and fitted with LED modules.
This action brought the wattage per lamp from 40 to 4 watts (480 lumen per piece).
The 12 lamp rings were also no longer original (in black plastic), they have been replaced by 12 laser-cut rings in stainless steel.

Special is the mechanism in this lamp to direct the beam, via a rotary knob, the outer circle of lamps can be directed in or out as a whole.
As a result, the lamp has a total use of 48w. instead of 480w.
The warm white LED light can be nicely dimmed and switched by a rotary knob on the lamp.
This lighting can also be switched separately in only the four inner lamps or the ten in the outer circle.
There is a counterweight in the column, which relieves the load on adjusting the height of the worktop via a pulley.


Hammered black , newly applied
Chrome / nickel
Column with minor signs of wear
Hammered gray, newly applied
Operation lamp unit


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