Parabola Operating Lamp

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Parabola Operating Lamp

Very large and extensively modified operating lamp from the 1980s.

Standing on a Linhof tripod from the 1960s. This is Lindhof's heaviest model tripod. For this project, the tripod was completely stripped, polished and partly painted in a satin finish hammered black.

The originally one-armed, free-moving operating lamp is the model Martin Chromophare 950. It has been stripped of handles, halogen lighting and electronics. The half-moon-shaped adjusting bracket is handmade with the aim of giving the lamp more adjustment options. This lamp is also equipped with two LED power modules that can independently display all desired colors with radiographic remote control, including all shades of white.
At the top of the lamp is an attractive 1W "stand-by" LED lamp. This can also be switched off at the bottom of the operating lamp.

This fixture has many adjustment options. The lowest position has a height of 1.80 meters. Fully extended, this lamp reaches a height of 3.20 meters. The diameter of the lamp is 0.90 meters.

If desired, this lamp can also be supplied on a Cambo or Firenze tripod. further equipped with 5 meters of wrapped vinyl cord.

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