Modular loudspeaker system with a distinct industrial look.
The starting point is the Sony Pascal system (SA-VE835ED) from / from 2002.
This beautifully made and high-quality sounding system can be put together in various adapted shapes and designs according to your wishes.

Sizes and technique

Sony speaker: 18 x 10cm
Wall double arm version: 30 + 30 cm. extra speaker length 20 cm
Handmade double woofer: 43 x 27 x 32 cm
Original Sony subwoofer (SA-WMS835): 23 x 40 x 49 cm

Choices were made when creating this design. Feel free to let us know which adjustments you would like

Please note, this is an analog wired system, so extremely suitable for new or renovation construction to lay out predetermined wiring to the desired location.
The (satellite) speakers are not suitable for the reproduction of real low tones, for this you can choose the original matching Sony subwoofer or the specially manufactured stereo double woofer.
The subwoofer must be controlled by an amplifier with a special subwoofer output and a mains connection.
The appearance of the Sony subwoofer has not been modified further because it is usually placed out of sight. The double tube woofer is hand designed and manufactured precisely as an eye-catcher and it can also be additionally equipped with a Sony center speaker.
This 27 cm thick aluminum tube, equipped with two famous Magnat All Ribbon 8 inch woofers, has two transmission bass reflex ports and can be connected to a normal stereo amplifier (also in bi-wire option).
For a wall version, the special articulated fixture was chosen, which fits very well with the design of the speaker.

Van deze buis woofer is slechts één exemplaar vervaardigd en dus uniek.


The special speaker units have been stripped and polished (or optionally unpolished).
The blue speaker cones have a thin black impregnating rubber coating.
The uprights have been repainted in matt black hammered finish.


Speaker op hamerslag mat zwart gespoten staande of liggende voet
Gepolijst: ?.: 345,-
Ontlakt ongepolijst: ?.: 275,-
Wand arm versie
Geheel gepolijst: ?.: 485,-
Ontlakt ongepolijst (mat zwart hamerslag gespoten buis) ?.: 375,-
Ronde dubbele woofer unit: ?.: 2200,-
Aanvullende gepolijste centerspeaker inclusief bijbehorende montagering: ?.: 345,-
Originele Sony subwoofer (gebruikt en getest): ?.: 140,-

Mentioned amounts include 21% VAT.
Personal warranty on name is 5 years, excluding burning of speakers due to overload.


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