Clamp lamp

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clamp lamp

This clamp lamp is in perfect vintage condition. The diameter of the shade is 18.5 cm and the height of the shade is 9 cm.
The clamp has a nice size so that there is sufficient grip and the torsion spring has a trendy vintage green accent. Due to the ball joint, the hood can be swiveled in all directions.

This clamp lamp comes with a black fabric wound cord with switch and plug. Length: 1.80 cm.

The advantage of such a light such as this is that they are very versatile and can be moved quickly. We use this type of lamp both in the workshop and at home. Of course as a hand lamp during work where you can shine quickly from different angles. At home, this lamp is perfect for reading in a more difficult corner or highlighting something nice, without having to drill or screw. So you remain flexible, which is nice if you want to change your interior from time to time, right?

Diameter shade: 18.5 cm;
Hood height: 9 cm;
Fitting: E27, color black;

Color shade: grey, aluminum
Clamp: can handle up to 4 cm table edge

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