Jieldé Loft D6440 High gloss/Polished

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Jieldé Loft D6440

design by: Jean Louis Domecq (1920-1983)

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This is an original Jieldé Loft desk lamp. The Jieldé Loft Series is also called De Standaard . 100% made in France and made from very solid industrial materials (aluminum and metal) making it practically indestructible.
Jieldé lamps were originally designed for production processes, which is why they are also splash proof.
The arms are 40 cm long in the Loft versions and can be rotated at all pivot points. Because the lamp has sliding contacts in the hinges, it can be rotated 360 degrees without the risk of wire breakage. This lamp is only available in High Gloss and is beautifully polished at the hinges and the base!
The hood has a diameter of 15 cm and has an adjustment bracket / grab handle. This lamp is also equipped with a porcelain E27 fitting and an on / off switch on the hood. You can also easily remove it from its base and mount it directly on a wall, for example. In that case you can of course also opt for the Jieldé Loft D4401 wall lamp .


Jean Louis Domecq started work on the Jieldé design in 1950. He does this out of frustration because he cannot find a good lamp for his work as a mechanic. He wants a simple, robust and distinct design that is able to adapt to any work situation. In 1952 production was sufficiently industrialized and the Jieldé company was born. The company name is derived from the designer's initials, JLD.

The pivot points are a technical masterpiece. In the first half of the last century there were many accidents due to breakage of wiring in lamps. This is because no insulation materials have been used yet. Jieldé's first brochure shows that copper discs are used at the pivot points of these lamps instead of electric wire. As a result, there is never a possibility of wire breakage, even with intensive use. This was a groundbreaking invention for the time.

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Jieldé lamps are recognized worldwide as an iconic design of industrial French art. They are handcrafted in Lyon to this day.

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