Industrial LED TL suspension



Polished LED TL suspension from former eastern block
Circa 1965

Beautifully finished double LED TL lamp from a car factory. Full of beautiful details and beautifully polished. Aluminum head pieces with plastic end cap. The large central box consists of an aluminum base and an iron cover. The two LED fluorescent lamps that are included only shine downwards and fit perfectly with the industrial design. Furthermore, the 2 LED lamps provide very nice warm light.

1 meter braided electricity cable, color of your choice.

Unique item

Dimensions / weight:
Length 132 cm.
High: 15 cm;
Weight 6 kg.

Additional information

color cord

Rood, Zwart, Wit, Zilver, Geel, Grijs, Antraciet, Blauw, Donkergroen, Goud, Oranje, zwart rubber


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