In the tube 360° / 42 cm lang

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In the tube 360° in vier lengtes

360 degrees in the tube

The architect Dominique Perrault and the designer Gaëlle Lauriot designed this completely unique, new collection for DCW éditions . Originality, timelessness and durability are central to this design. This lamp can be used indoors and outdoors and is available in different lengths and colors.

This listing is available with the following specifications:
Length: 42 cm;
Mesh: gold;
Suspension: wall;
hood: No hood!

Made in Borosilicate glass and closed with aluminum silicone caps. The stainless steel fixings ensure that the lamp can be used as a wall lamp.
The tube diffuses a soft filtering light that can be directed through the movable mesh / filter whose color determines the type of light being emitted.

dcw-editions-in-the-tube-3600-BINKlampen 1

Dominique Perrault & Gaelle Lauriot-Prévost

Tube: borosilicate glass
Sealed plug: silicone and black die-cast aluminum
Cable: black rubber
Incl. LED 2700K 6W
incl external driver
Water resistant IP64




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