Flyte, the floating lightbulb in three versions

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Flyte the floating light source that works on magnetism and induction.

Best Inventions of 2016 - TIME Magazine
60 Coolest things in the world right now - GQ Magazine

De Flyte is in drie uitvoeringen verkrijgbaar : Goud -eiken / Koper – walnoot & Chroom- walnoot

Flyte is an exceptional floating LED light source made of tempered glass.
The designers from Sweden have done everything to make this lamp look good and make it durable.
This lamp can last 12 hours a day for 11 years!
Due to magnetism and induction, it floats and is supplied with power at the same time. So no batteries are used with the Flyte.
The base must be connected to your power outlet.

It is the first lamp to work with magnetism and induction.
This lamp immediately draws all your attention because it floats and turns slowly.
Everyone wants to know how it works and try to make it float itself. With a little practice, it's not difficult .


Technical details:
Lifespan: 50,000 hours;
16Lm / W
Max 60 Lumen
Adapter: 15V with connection for US / EU / UK / AU
For Home Use Only
Weight: 500 grams
Dimensions base: Length 12.6 cm / 16.6 cm wide / 3 cm high
Lamp size: 14 cm / 7 cm / 4.5 cm
Height of levitation: 1.5-1.7 cm

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Goud – eiken, Koper – walnoot, Chroom- walnoot, Chroom – essenhout

4 reviews for Flyte, de zwevende lamp in drie uitvoeringen

  1. AJ

    Geweldige gadget! Iedereen die deze lamp ziet, staat even te knipperen met z’n ogen ? Staat geweldig op onze TV meubel naast de TV en platenspeler

  2. Gijs Buis

    Thanks Anouk, it will stay cool!

  3. Anouk (verified owner)

    Beautiful lamp. Seeing is believing! Service from Bink was top.

  4. Gijs Buis

    Ja het is een echt praatstuk! Fijn dat jullie er veel plezier van hebben. We komen snel eens kijken! Bedankt voor je leuke berichtje. Groeten Annemarie & Gijs

  5. André

    He's at our bar and everyone thinks it's a cool thing! The first time they let him float is a eureka moment !!
    Thnx BINK

  6. Ronald & Liesbeth

    A state-of-the-art lamp looks great in our open kitchen. Very content with it.

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