The 4 variants of the most iconic Bauhaus design by Wilhelm Wagenfeld

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Bauhaus desk lamp

Ontwerp: Wilhelm Wagenfeld

Wilhelm Wagenfeld

Iconische Wagenfeld tafellampen

Deze prachtige Wagenfeld lamp is “by far” de meest bekende bauhaus lamp ooit.

Characteristic is the large opal glass sphere in which the light source is located. Over the years, more and more variations have been created on the original design and a small Wagenfeld table lamp collection has been created. The later variations, which you also see here, all have the same characteristic glass ball. In one case the base plate of the lamp is made of clear glass, in another version the base plate has a black color and in some versions the shaft of the lamp is made of glass instead of chrome.

WA 23 SW - black metal base and chrome shaft - anno 1923 -
WA 24 - chrome base and shaft - 1923 -
WG 24 - glass base and glass stand - anno 1924 -
WG 25 - glass base and chrome stand - anno 1924 -


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WA23SW, WA24, WG24, WG25


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