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Made in Holland, - 1924 -
Warranty 30 years
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Made in nl

The Binnenhof model is an authentic seventeenth-century copper outdoor lantern with a round brass mirror against the back wall.
This outdoor lamp owes its name to the parliament building in The Hague. The placement of this wall lamp is on either side of an entrance.
Thanks to its classic look and the use of clean lines, this wall lamp is suitable for both traditional and modern architecture.
It is possible to install both candle lighting and electric lighting in this lamp.

All classic fixtures are expertly made in the Netherlands and are of top quality. The luminaires are suitable for various locations such as a city center, shopping centers, residential areas, markets, squares and parks. Durable, waterproof, robust luminaires that can be equipped with various LED lighting technologies, masts and colors. Excellent quality with a 30 year warranty.

We take care of installation for you. You can submit your preferences via the form below or via 0031 (0) 6-13633971.

Material: red-copper
Mirror material: brass
Glazing: clear polycarbonate
Size: 55 x 25 cm
Weight: 11 kg
E27 porcelain socket
Warranty 30 years


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