Here you will find designs with a twist.
All pieces shown are authentic to the bone.
In terms of functionality improved and adapted to bring the design to the current millennium with unprecedented craftsmanship.

Due to the adjustments, the function has sometimes changed or the original operation has been optimized. Partly due to the inimitable quality of the restoration, as far as we know, there is often only 1 of these objects as they are displayed here.
In the descriptions, the metamorphosis for each object is explained. This could have been done by a subtle addition of LED, but also by combining old design or supplementing it with modern materials.
Recycling, upcycling & restoration and then one step further ... you can see it here

Project leader & designer Ruud, the brain behind this department, has a special “own” vision of industrial interior, as this must be exceptional. Due to his visual attitude (20 years of being a photographer), but also technical and design / creative background, he is one in a million when it comes to realizing a bright idea.
Ask for his availability via [email protected]
Ask about its availability via [email protected]

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