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Leidsch upcycle-project Openbare Verlichting van BINK lampen & PLNT

Leiden recycling project of BINK PLNT and the Municipality of Leiden

Samenwerking BINK & PLNT

Streetlight, LeidenOpenbare verlichting recyclingLeidse straatlantaarn 002BINK upcycling project Leiden

Just before the end of 2018, the collaboration between BINK lamps and PLNT will take shape in December through this project.
This involves recycling public lighting into industrial lighting for the workplaces at PLNT.
Together with the startups, the two companies work together to build a green, circular work and test location with space for experiments, workshops and brainstorming sessions.

BINK upcycling project Leiden

It is an original Leiden circular gathering because these cool fixtures were still hanging in the Haarlemmerstraat last year. BINK took over the lamps from the municipality of Leiden. Now that they have been replaced, they get a second life via BINK - an example of circular use.

PLNT is THE start-up center in Leiden for innovation and entrepreneurship for the makers of tomorrow

BINK lamps is a Leiden company specialized in industrial design

Thanks to the municipality of Leiden

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