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Lampe Gras, Le Corbusier's favorite


Bernard-Albin Gras

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The architect: Bernard-Albin Gras:
As an architect, Bernard can certainly be called one of the greatest design icons of the 20th century
In 1921 he designed a series of lamps in Paris intended for use in industrial environments (drawing tables).
The company Ravel applied for a patent in 1927 to produce the lamp very successfully.
The GRAS lamp ” as the series was later called grew into a true design icon and is a collector's item for collectors worldwide (mainly Europe, USA & Japan)

Lampe Gras ensemble

More than meets the eye

Gras lamps are characterized by their simplicity and functionality.
But technically, aesthetically and ergonomically, these lamps were way ahead of their time.
The functional and pure shape of Bernard's lamps and the details in his designs such as the arms, hooks and base of the lamp are truly amazing.
For example, no screws are used in the construction and no welding is done.
The ingenious pivot points such as ball joints had never been seen before.
The designs were primarily intended for use in industrial spaces in the 1920s, but later became extremely popular among interior decorators for use in residential environments.

collage Lampe Gras

A Lampe Gras belongs in every home

An overview of the applications of La Lampe is shown in the image below.
There are table lamps, cabinet lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps and pendant lamps

Alle Lampe Gras modellen

Outside XL Serie

Since the beginning of 2015 there are also outdoor lamps from Lampe Gras
Designed for extreme conditions to control your outdoor rooms with light

Lampe Gras 217 XL outdoors in situ

Le Corbusier and Lampe Gras


Famous architects such as Le Corbusier (1887-1965), Eileen Gray (1878-1976), Robert Mallet-Stevens & Emile Jacques Ruhlmann were already charmed by this basic design (early adopters).
The Gras lamps were frequently placed in the architectural masterpieces of the above-mentioned architects, with Le Corbusier in particular making this lamp world famous.
He used these lamps in his own offices and applied them in many of his projects around the world.

Le Corbusier About Gras: ”Une lampe ajustable pour chacun”.
An adjustable lamp for everyone

Website Lampe Gras

BINK lighting is dealer of Lampe Gras since 2015.

specialisatie BINK: fabriekslampen

Logo Lampe Gras

By Gijs Buis

BINK lighting is a specialist in lighting solutions for retail, catering, offices, hotels, industrial areas and residential projects.

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