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KAISER idell bauhaus original

KAISER idell Bauhaus original

kaiser idell scissor lamp blueDesigner: Christian Dell (1893 – 1974)
Producent: Fritz Hansen KAISER idell
Land van herkomst: Denemarken

Designed by Christian Dell in 1931.
Christian did this on behalf of the lamp factory Kaiser & Co.
This series of lamps went into production in 1936 and was immediately successful.
Traditionally, Christian Dell was a silversmith working for the famous Bauhaus in Weimar.
The finish of the lamps is of the highest quality, as befits a silversmith.
The chrome-plated elements (made of brass and steel) are polished by hand and soldered with silver.
The trademark of this lamp series is the signature on the shade cap;

“original KAISER idell”

About Bauhaus
Bauhaus (1919 - 1932) was the academy for art & architecture and has since become a cultural concept through her designs.
These were known for being efficient, elegant, simple and very functional.
Multifunctionality seemed to be reinvented by Bauhaus

Christian Dell's designs are a pinnacle in German design
The best known is KAISER idell Luxus table lamp, known from the German crime series on TV.
The asymmetrical shade and iconic ball joint, in particular, have made this table lamp a classic
On our site you can see the full lamp series

Collage website

All lamps in this series come with a certificate of authenticity and an engraved serial number.

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