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Wanna buy a Dyson light?

Read here whether this is a purchase that you will enjoy for a long time.

Are you curious about Dyson lights?

The BINK team now has them in their hands on a regular basis and we share our experience with you here. As a taster, you can see the short video of the introduction of the Morph below.


Now every launch is accompanied by the necessary superlatives and we are going to look at it here in this blog with common sense. First of all, we will briefly explain which type of Dyson lamps there are and then briefly zoom in on the technology and usage.

Advance warning

Wij van WC-eend adviseren…
Don't get us wrong. BINK has recently become a Dyson dealer and we earn our living by selling lights. BINK has grown by following our own taste in fixtures in a stubborn way. Specialized in fixtures from the early 20th century, our focus is on timeless, versatile & functional designs. Our customers are people who like to delve into something and to purchase something that you will still be happy with in 10 years' time. Thats for whom we share our opinion and give inspiration & information for like-minded people.

All Dyson lamps in a row

There are three designs in Dyson lamps.
Two types of desk lamps that are available in the same model as a floor lamp. These desk and floor lamps are also the most sold models. These are the Lightcycle and the Lightcycle Morph .
Both models are available in two colors. Black and silver / white.
Dyson has also added a pendant lamp to its range. This is the most sold B2B so far, but we didn"t want to keep the CU Beam from you. The CU Beam is available in three variants (downlight, uplight & duolight). We limited ourselves in this review to the Lightcycle and the Lightcycle Morph.

The Lightcycle & Lightcycle Morph by Dyson in black & white/silver
The Dyson CU Beam pendant and the Lightcycle Morph in black and white/silver


Cooling tube technology
Forget this term right away, but it is precisely this technology that impresses us most about the Dyson lights. Of course Dysons are smart lights and you can find the usual gadgets that come with a smart light on them (more on this later). But the fact that Dyson applies proven space technology to a lamp is nothing short of COOL to us. Both literally and figuratively (cool); with one drop of water in a long copper tube, Dyson provides cooling for the LEDs (yes, they also heat up over time). This cooling ensures the extremely long lifespan of 60 years for the six LEDs present.

Different sensors keep an eye on the ambient light & daylight so that the Dyson can adjust its own light accordingly.
You can also activate a motion sensor that ensures that the lamp switches off after 5 minutes when you leave and switches on when you return from your coffee break ?

The Dyson lamps can be operated on the lamp with touch buttons and sliding buttons / sliders. It has an on and off button, a slider for the color of the light (warm white 2700 Kelvin to cool 6500 Kelvin) and a button for the motion sensor.

You can indicate where you live and your age via the accompanying Dyson app with Bluetooth connection. This enables the lamp to provide the right amount of light at the right time. After you get older you need more light. You can also set your own preferences via a few preset functions.

At the bottom of the vertical arm is a USB-C charger for powering your mobile phone, for example. We always find it handy for your desk.

Dyson's LED cooling technology

The use

De Lightcycle oogt functioneel en is dat ook.
The Lightcycle looks functional and it is.
It can rotate endless 360 degrees on its foot. In addition, the horizontal arm can be moved and raised and lowered with the greatest of ease. This is made easy by using a counterweight that is in plain site. A beautiful lamp that looks a bit like a utencil. A nice lamp that will do well with techies.

The lightcycle Morph is even more versatile if possible. This lamp can also rotate and move endlessly without the limitations of electric wire or the like.
In addition to functional light and indirect light, this lamp can also provide atmospheric light in the folded position. Thanks to magnetism, the lamp closes well on the vertical arm and an adjustable mood light is created. This could have been done a bit heavier. It all feels and sounds slightly thin. Because it works excellently, this comment is negligible in our view.


Op het gebruik van de Lightcycle is niets aan te merken maar we vragen ons af of het ontwerp buiten mensen met affiniteit voor techniek zal aanslaan. We zien deze minimalistische lamp zeker staan op een bureau van een ontwerper of architect maar niet zo snel in “een huishouden van Jan Steen” waar de rest van de wereld zijn werk doet.

The Morph is a different story.
Besides the fact that the horizontal folding arm cannot be adjusted in height, this lamp is brilliantly versatile. Furthermore, the Morph function, where the lamp switches to mood lighting mode by folding the lamp, gives this design the X factor in your interior. Undeniably the starting point for a nice talk about its looks & features for anyone who will see this lamp for the first time.

General point of criticism
There is a synchronization mode on these Dyson lamps so that the lamp continuously adapts to the ambient light. When we used this longer, we decided to disable this feature. Especially in the evening, the lamp in this position gave too little light for our taste. We still prefer a little more & constant light.

In our view, the Dysons are timeless in terms of design. The Lightcycle with its stripped-down functional design that looks like a tool. The Morph with the unique ambiance mode that we seriously think will continue to fascinate for many decades to come. Furthermore, the lamps can be set extremely well in terms of light color and brightness, both manually and with the app. This makes these lamps optimally functional. Dyson has arranged the most important functions incredibly well, so that you will receive a strong piece of technology for the next 60 years.

Thank you for reading this review, if you have any questions you can reach us via: [email protected] We consider every comment or comment as an opportunity to do better!

nieuwe logo BINK lampen
Officieel dealer van Dyson

History of Dyson
James Dyson (Norfolk, 2 mei 1947) is a British inventor.

James Dyson is best known as the inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner. In addition, he has protected more than 130 inventions and has received several honorary doctorates and awards.
Dyson Ltd is een Brits technologiebedrijf dat kachels, bladloze ventilatoren, handdrogers, verlichting en stofzuigers ontwerpt en produceert. Het werd in 1978 opgericht door James en is uitgegroeid tot de crème de la crème in zijn branche met duizenden klanten in meer dan 100 landen over de wereld.


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