BINK’s inruilplan

Closing the loop

BINK lampen, aan het werk

BINK offers you a lifetime warranty on our vintage / heritage luminaires.
Due to this warranty period, repairs are free. Furthermore, we will always try to repair or replace products (at a reasonable price) that have been damaged by accidents or wear and tear.
You can also use BINK's trade-in plan.
With this we combine two circular methods: Product Circularity & product as a service. With this trade-in plan, BINK makes its vintage collection “full circle” and we take our place in the circular economy.

Our journey to close the loop

Our goal is to keep our vintage lamps in use forever and help our planet together with you.


Meer weten over BINK’s inruilplan?

At BINK, a vintage light is a light for life.

Through our buy-back scheme it is possible to trade in your BINK lamps and use 50% of the original value for a future purchase.
Via this link you will find the conditions (accessible text, 3 min)
Fill in your trade-in plan form via this link

Returned luminaires are restored and recertified by our professionals (NEN3140).

productie oude technieken

How does it work?

Buy one or more vintage lights from our collection. This can be a single unique item or a large quantity for a commercial project.

After at least 1 year or longer. Please indicate that you want to sell back and we will help you with the process to get your lights back to us safely.

return funds:
Upon receipt & approval, you will receive your credit to spend on your next vintage purchase at BINK. This way you can give your interior a new look and you also help to take care of our planet.
Would you like to know more in detail how this scheme can be used?
Via this link you will find the conditions (accessible text, 3 min)
Fill in your trade-in plan form via this link

Why is BINK doing this?

Because we feel it is our responsibly to try and contribute to the circular economy. In this way, together with our customers, we will maintain timeless & high-quality designs for generations to come. Furthermore, we would like to prevent overconsumption and do everything in our power against global warming.


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