Eye-catchers for your event?

Our light letters are made by hand and are 60 cm high. They can take a beating and are easy to set up or hang up. These letters are made of aluminum and steel .
Because we work with warm white LED lamps, the letters are very attractive with a vintage industrial look. We work with different lamps so that you can bring back a specific theme color. Most used are our front mirror lamps (see photos below). On request we can also use white, yellow, (light) blue, orange, red, green, purple & pink lights.
You rent the letters including the LED lights, so it's just a matter of plugging in and you're done.

letterlamp bakletter KUS voorkant aan

You can read our rental conditions via this link

Verhuurbare lampen (alle prijzen ex BTW):
1. 60 cm hoge Las Vegas boneyard Letterlampen, A t/m Z, &, !, ?, #, $,@, ? (vanaf 50 euro) zie foto;
2. Lichtbakken, hangend of liggend, met verwisselbare letters 80 euro per stuk;
3. Robotlampje/the lampster: 55 euro;
4. Tafellampen, kniklampen (jieldé) of zwevende lamp vanaf 50 euro;
5. Prikkabel met Warm-witte lampen of Rood-Groen-Blauwe-Geel-wit vanaf 10 euro per dag. Verschillende lengtes;
6. Lichtslang, 45 mtr 10 euro per dag.

frontpage BINK lampen Lampster Gold

General agreements:
Standard rental period: 3 days (with the exception of Prick cable and light hose).
Do you need the lamps for longer than 3 days? Then 25% of the total price will be added per day.
The deposit depends on the number of lamps: 100 - 250 euros.

Transport in the region of Leiden, The Hague & Amsterdam is included with a rental price from 200 euros.
Delivery costs: 0.60 cents per kilometer.
Picking up the lamps yourself in Leiden is of course also possible.

We also have vintage lamps for rent for parties, parties, photo shoots or trade shows. Options & prices on request.

Do you want to book as far in advance as possible due our bussy schedule? Thanks in advance.

You can ask your questions via: [email protected] or you can contact us directly on 0031 (0)6-13633971

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