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The Anglepoise lamp is world class British design! Everyone knows this lamp and the design has been copied many times. The use of the spring mechanism is striking.

Spring balanced

In 1931, George Carwandine , a car designer by trade, invented a new kind of coil spring. This coil spring could not be used as a car part and needed another application. Eventually, this design found its way into the first Anglepoise lamp and its most successful patent in 1935. This lamp was designed in the likeness of a human arm. Pixar cleverly responded with its logo, based on an Anglepoise model.
Thanks to the use of these famous springs, this lamp can easily be placed in different positions and immediately remain in that position. The Anglepoise Original 1227 was born, a coveted classic among desk lamps. This desk lamp was the start of the iconic design brand that is still hugely popular today.

octrooi Anglepoise 1935

Classics with a modern touch

Het succes van Anglepoise steunt op de waardevolle kennis uit hun jarenlange ervaring. Alle ontwerpen weerspiegelen stijl, duurzaamheid en efficiëntie. Het gamma werd uitgebreid en moderne elementen werden vlekkeloos opgenomen in het klassieke ontwerp. Frisse kleuren en moderne vormen vonden hun weg in de nieuwe collecties.

This is evident in the shapes of the Original 1227 Brass, an elegant reflection of the original Anglepoise lamp. Another fascinating design is the Giant Anglepoise . This giant version of the Anglepoise Original 1227 was designed for the Roald Dahl museum. That was not just like that. The well-known writer and war hero Roald Dahl couldn't do without his favorite lamp.

1227 gigant Anglepoise


Anglepoise haalde ook op andere manieren het nieuws. Eind jaren ’80 vonden wetenschappers die op zoek waren naar het monster van Loch Ness een bommenwerper die gebruikt werd tijdens WO II, die verlicht werd met de Anglepoise omwille van zijn stevigheid en flexibiliteit. Opmerkelijk, na al die jaren werkte de Anglepoise lamp nog steeds!

Anglepoise op postzegel

Artist David Mach was tempted to create a huge hand with 360 black Anglepoise lamps. The work was named “The Giant Hand Sculpture named Knuckle Shuffle”. The Soft Boys also sought inspiration from this iconic lamp. In 1979 they launched the song "I want to be an Anglepoise lamp". And finally, in 2009 several new Royal Mail stamps were released featuring iconic British designs. The Anglepoise lamp should of course not be missing.

nieuwe logo BINK lampenDealer van Anglepoise

By Gijs Buis

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