About BINK


Lead the way towards a zero-waste economy for vintage lighting.

BINK wil af van “take, make, waste” en naar cycling (looping) van al haar producten.

Provide the best service and build the best product.


BINK is an importer, dealer, restorer and producer of the most diverse industrial fixtures. We focus on lighting solutions for retail, catering, offices, hotels, industrial halls and residential projects. We do this, preferably, with vintage lighting for modern use. BINK is working hard on the circular transition and will take you along without making any concessions for your ease of use. From lighting advice & turnkey projects to custom-made customization, we work together with partners & suppliers from home and abroad for an optimal end result. BINK is at hand to help you.


We have now tracked down hundreds of types of fixtures and are always looking for the next find. A car factory in France, a power plant in the former Eastern bloc or even via a crowdfunding site. It could be anywhere!
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For the love of vintage design

There is something about the early 20th century designs.
There is a magical touch to it.
It was an era when people still had the time to focus on the details.
Designs were produced with an aim to last.
BINK lighting was inspires by that ear and constantly strives for more knowledge about this phenomenal period.

BINK founded in 2014.
Activities: Importer, dealer, renovator en producer

One-off finds, salvaged lighting treasures and iconic design rediscovered.
Breathing life into your architectural vision or casting new light on space, BINK is at hand to help you.
Steeped in history and expertly restored, BINK shines a spotlight on beautiful lighting and preserves industrial heritage with care.
From 1950s French industrial lighting reclaimed and repurposed for your home, to runs of 1970s German railway shades for your renovation project, everything in our constantly changing stock has a story to tell.

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